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How To Prevent Diabetes Mellitus Disease

Diabetes or diabetes is a disorder of the body’s metabolic system in which the pancreas can not produce the hormone insulin according to the body’s needs. Various factors can be the trigger for the emergence of diabetes is one of them due to food factors. Consider how to prevent diabetes naturally in this article. Lack of attention to the type of food that enters our body can be a serious problem for health, for it should consider the right diet. Reduce foods that contain many sweeteners because these types of foods can cause many problems in diabetics. Before the cause of the problem, you should prevent it by eating a proven SoMan in curing diabetes,

In general, diabetes is caused by several factors. In type 1 diabetes is usually caused by the immune system that is malfunctioning that should fight bacteria and viruses, but instead attacks the hormone insulin. This will make the body insulin deficiency so that the sugar will accumulate in the bloodstream. For the cause of type 2 diabetes is because the pancreas are not able to produce enough insulin so the same thing as the cause of type 1 diabetes will happen is the buildup of sugar in the blood.